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The last few months under lockdown have seen a number of heartwarming good bingo news stories about how the game of bingo and the UK bingo community have helped and contributed towards a unified United Kingdom.

Whether it is games of street bingo, feeding the homeless, free bingo to carers, or free car parking spaces for the NHS, the UK Bingo community's reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of sensational.

Now, it's the town of Newtonabbey in Northern Ireland providing the source for another good news story concerning bingo.

Over the last month, members of the Rathcoole community have been enjoyed games of ‘Street Bingo’ whilst under lockdown restrictions. As well as providing a bit of fun and companionship, the games have been supporting charities at the frontline battling the pandemic.

Together, they raised £115 for the NHS on April 18th, £130 for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice on April 25th, £70 for Action for Children on May 3rd and £140 for Women’s Aid on May 9th.

A further£40 was raised and put towards decorations/food for a VE Day street garden party held on May 3rd.

One of the organisers, Natasha Guerin said of the street bingo events:

“I first had the idea of setting up Street Bingo four weeks ago and I never thought it would have made such an impact, but it has brought our wee street together. It has brought neighbours to the garden for a chat and created new friendships.

“Covid-19 has affected us all, but Linford Green remains positive and it shows in each and every person.”


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