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Buzz Bingo in Bradford appears to be the hottest bingo venue in West Yorkshire at the moment after four lucky locals incredibly took home a total of more than £90,000 in prize money over four consecutive Thursday evenings.

The first win happened on Thursday 11th January during the Big Buzz Special game, where the lucky member scooped the £50,000 jackpot. The winner much-loved regular at the club, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been playing since the early 90s. They plan on sharing the winnings with family and four friends who were there on the day of the win.

Beginners Luck?

Then, on Thursday 25th January the second winner took home £22,185 during the Community Jackpot Game.  Amazingly, it was the first time playing bingo having come to the popular bingo club to celebrate their birthday. And what a birthday present they won themself! The jubilant winner is planning to share the winnings with the two friends they were playing bingo with at the time.

Buzz bingo Bradford Win

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The third winner was also a newbie to the wonderful game of bingo. The anonymous winner had never played bingo before but called ‘’House’’ on Thursday 1st February, again during the Community Jackpot Game, taking home a cool £8,253 in the process. but plans to share the winnings with a friend who introduced them to it.

There was also a nice win of £10,000 just after Valentine's Day which meant that Buzz Bingo Bradford dished out a whopping £90,000 in just four weeks with the winnings coming from playing Big Buzz Special, Community Jackpot, and Party Time Special games.

Can the luck at Buzz Bingo Bradford continue?



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