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Bingo has always played a part in bringing together British society. The bingo hall has for decades, been central to a cohesive and engaged community. Although the number of bingo halls have dropped off as well as the number of visitors to the remaining venues, online bingo and offline bingo, both still benefit from the social and community aspect of playing bingo.

One bingo club provided an evening of free bingo and drinks to local ex-Thomas Cook staff when the travel company was placed into administration. Now, we are pleased to report on another piece of good Bingo news.

Mecca Bingo are offering a free game of bingo every Tuesday throughout December in a dedicated recreational zone exclusively for carers. Working alongside the Carers Trust, Mecca Bingo in their 97 bingo clubs up and down the country aims to provide some of Britain's 6.5 million unpaid carers some much-needed time out from their busy day-to-day schedules and responsibilities to socialise with other people.

Carers Trust is a UK-wide charity that provides help, information, and support to carers. Svetlana Kirov, the Director of Fundraising and Communications at Carers Trust, said of the partnership:

“Many of the carers we work with tell us that Christmas can reinforce their sense of loneliness and isolation. They find it hard to join in festive fun because of the need to be constantly looking after a relative who cannot take care of themselves. So, we are thrilled that Mecca Bingo is launching its Mecca Full House initiative to make sure that unpaid carers have a place to go where they can enjoy a few hours away from caring and have some festive fun.”

The Mecca Full House events will be held every Tuesday in Mecca venues up and down the country, throughout December. Both the carer and the person they care for can attend free of charge and get a free game of bingo.

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