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The UK Gambling Commission continues to explore the consequences of banning credit card deposits for online gambling. 

They conducted a call for evidence between February and May 2019. They concluded with strong support by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB), that gambling with borrowed money, such as credit debt, is a factor for harmful gambling and poses a risk that customers will gamble with more than they can afford. 

In order to fully explore any consequences of placing restrictions or banning the use of credit cards, the UKGC instigated another call for evidence after stating that: 

We are persuaded that there are risks of harm associated with using credit cards for online gambling and that we need to act to protect consumers. We are therefore now consulting specifically on two separate options of either banning or restricting the use of credit cards for all forms of remote gambling ie betting, gaming and lotteries.

 We would like to obtain further evidence about consumers’ motivations for using credit cards to gamble, and any specific benefits of using them. The call for evidence uncovered very little in this regard, but we must take account of the extent of any impact that a ban or restrictions may represent for gamblers who are not experiencing harm.

Today is the final day that consumers can participate, to do so click here.

So far 110 responses from the call to action have been received from: 

  • stakeholders 
  • members of the public 
  • charities 
  • online gambling operators 
  • financial services 

Any changes to to the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) will take effect in Apil 2020. The UKGC have confirmed they are already working on a draft. 

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