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Attendees at the Bongo's Bingo event in Glasgow at the weekend were shocked to find Hollywood legend Samuel L Jackson joining the bingo fun.

The 74-year-old actor, famous for his “motherf*cker” line, was filming in Glasgow and arrived unannounced at the popular bingo event at the city's SWG3 on April Fool's Day.

Jackson is currently in Scotland filming a new thriller called Damaged.

Jackson is in Scotland shooting a movie with Vincent Cassel about a Chicago detective who travels to Scotland to investigate a spate of murders he investigated five years earlier.

Footage emerged on Social media showing the Pulp Fiction star laughing and enjoying a drag act at the bingo event from the sidelines.

Jackson Enjoys Drag Show

A Bongo's Bingo spokesperson said:

“He literally turned up to watch and ended up giving out glowsticks during the rave round. It was crazy.”

The popular Hollywood star was seen taking pictures and videoing the bingo event, which has proven popular worldwide, including sell-out shows in Las Vegas, Dubai, and Sydney, Australia.

A SWG3 worker said of the star turn:

“Still find it funny that Samuel L Jackson just randomly showed up at my work for Bongo's Bingo.”

The Star Wars and Marvel star later posed for photos with Bongo's performers and staff. Bongo's Bingo's founder Jonny Bongo added:

“Good to have @samuelljackson fly over for the @bongosbingo Glasgow show.”

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