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In May 2019, we asked the question – Is Stockton Mecca Bingo the Luckiest Bingo Hall in the UK?, Now, nearly a full 18 months after, and millions of pounds in prizes given out, and yet ANOTHER national game bingo jackpot win, it is fair to say that Mecca Bingo Stockton is THE luckiest UK bingo club.

The Chandlers Wharf site has been the venue where an incredible three national game jackpots have been since the popular bingo club reopened after the lockdown ended in early the summer. In fact, since doors reopened at the Mecca Stockton, a £1.2m has been given out in prize money. From that total, £150,000 comes from the National Bingo Game jackpot wins alone.

Lynne Butterworth, general manager at Mecca Stockton, said:

“It's always a fantastic moment when someone calls house on the National Bingo Game, but to know that we are the first Mecca club to have had three of these wins is fantastic.

“We’re absolutely thrilled for all of our winners and so proud to hold the title of Mecca's luckiest club.”

The first jackpot was won on August 3rd, the second on September 5th and the most recent was on the 12th of October.

Alastair Stewart, business development manager at the National Bingo Game, said:

“Mecca Stockton has achieved an incredible feat by celebrating three National Bingo Game £50,000 jackpots in just three months.

“It really is a fortunate club, and it just goes to show life-changing prizes can be frequently won at our clubs.”

It seems that if you are going to play your bingo, and the government lets you, then Mecca Bingo Stockton is the place to do it.

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