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It's a slow news day in the bingodaily newsdesk. So, headlining UK bingo news this weekend was the story of a cat stuck in the roof of a bingo hall.

Animal charity, the RSPCA, has been called in to help get a cat stuck 25 feet high in the roof of the Leo Leisure Bingo Hall in Southampton.

The task of getting the cat down from the rafters is proving rather a tricky one. So far, the cat has been there for around a week despite the best attempts of the Leo Leisure staff, volunteers, the RSPCA, and The Cat Welfare Group.

Leo Leisure manager Simon Philips told the local news:

“We thought it probably got in as we've got builders working around us.

“He was gone for a bit, but then on Sunday he was walking across the ceiling.

“We thought maybe he was shut in by the builders, but on Monday he was still here.

“I first called the fire bridgade, they told me I would need to contact the RSPCA.

“He's not easy to get to, it's high up and we can't reach him ourselves.”

Not a Matter for the Fire Brigade

The fire brigade, which you would think would be the traditional port of call for a feline rescue, have said it is not a matter for them.

A spokesperson from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service (HIWFRS) said:

“On Monday evening, the HIWFRS Control Room received a call reporting a cat inside a retail unit on the High Street in Southampton.

“The caller was informed that due to the cat not being physically trapped, as it was able to move around freely inside, it was a matter for the RSPCA.”

Stubborn Cat

At the time of publication, the RSPCA has said the rescue is “proving difficult.” RSPCA inspector Karen Gregory said:

“We are doing everything we can to try and safely retrieve the cat from the roof at Leo Leisure.

“We have put food out and set traps to try and catch the cat, but it's proving to be an immensely difficult challenge.

“An additional struggle is that the cat is about 25 feet above us and in an exceptionally hard-to-reach place, which is making for a very tricky rescue indeed.

“I am currently liaising with the fire service, a team of builders who are working onsite, and the building owner to try and coordinate a plan to get the cat down.

“Thankfully the cat seems to be moving about well, but is just very reluctant to come anywhere near us.”

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