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South Yorkshire's bingo halls CAN stay open according to a statement from Sheffield City Council.

The welcome bingo news contradicts the previous statement from Sheffield council leader Julie Dore made when South Yorkshire was placed by the UK government into tier three lockdown last week. Dore laid into the Government for closing betting shops and bingo halls and accused them of attacking Northern working-class culture. Dore said at the time:

“We have to stop the spread of the virus but it’s balancing that with people’s mental and physical health and the economy. A weekly visit to the bingo hall might be the only social contact some people get.”

However, it has now been confirmed that bingo halls in South Yorkshire can remain open under Tier three lockdown restrictions, similar to that of the Liverpool Region lockdown where bingo halls are open there.

A spokesperson for the Sheffield City Council said:

“For Sheffield restrictions under Tier 3 ‘very high’ category, there is no requirement for bingo halls to close at the present time, unlike in Lancashire or Greater Manchester. People are therefore allowed to continue to enjoy socially distanced bingo in Covid-secure premises.”

The news will be welcomed by bingo fans and those employed in the many bingo halls in the region. However, betting shops will close under the restrictions, adding more pressure on the UK gambling jobs.


3 Replies to “South Yorkshire Bingo Halls Can Stay Open”

  • Peter C says:

    Double standards why is it ok to play in Liverpool and South Yorkshire but not safe in Greater Manchester and Lancashire , if it is ok to play gaming machines in a bingo why are Adult Gaming Centres shut who makes these shambolic rules

    • mm
      Bingo Ben says:

      it really is a shambles Peter. When you have a bingo club closed and a casino in the building open, it is wildly confusing and ineffective. We are just about to report the new national lockdown…. sigh

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