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The rise in popularity of the slot machine

Online casinos have been growing steadily over the last couple of decades. From an estimated US$59 billion market value in 2020, it is anticipated that the market will be worth almost US$93 billion, if not more, by 2023. Online slots, according to the UK Gambling Commission, account for approximately 70% of this market, providing a world of opportunities for operators and players alike.

Online slots are hugely popular for a couple of key reasons:

  • Easy to play; there is no skill required, it is all luck
  • Wagers can vary from mere pennies to hundreds of pounds; there is scope for everyone
  • Mobile capability; players can play on the go, and from the comfort of the sofa!

It is predicted that between 2020 and 2027 the online slots and casino market is due to grow around 11.5%, and slot machines will follow this trend, making it imperative that operators invest in this area, to ensure they remain competitive and attractive to players.

As well as tapping into existing franchises in music, films, and television, some operators have gone one step further and created online slot games that have become franchises in their own right, with their own cult following. Rainbow Riches can be considered one such success, even having its own site, wholly dedicated to it and its many games.


Rainbow Riches: The Original Game

The adorable Irish theme is complete with leprechauns and pots of gold and offers an engaging experience for both novice and experienced players. The clean lines and uncluttered screen with bright colours is bright and attractive, and the fact that players can tailor how much they bet and the number of pay lines makes it eminently accessible to all demographics. The fact that the basic game is straightforward makes it ideal for beginners, but the complexities around special features, bonuses, and jackpots make it one for the long run, with a dedicated and loyal player base.


Key features:

  • Up to 500x multiplier of the original bet

The multiplier is fairly easy to unlock, and whilst most players won’t reach the 500x multiplier, there will certainly be some reward waiting for players when they unlock the Road to Riches bonus feature of the game.

  • Bonus rounds lead to big winnings

Players can scrape by without major losses with just the base game, but the bonus round, hidden behind a leprechaun and signalled by a little jig, is where the big money lies! Players may need to wait a while to find the elusive pot of gold, and it can be tricky to keep going long enough, but when they do, they are in for a top reward!

  • Optimised for mobile, tablet, and computer

The click-to-play browser-based version has been optimised for different devices, making it quick and easy to play without the need for a download. There is an app for iPhone and Android which makes accessibility even easier for those with compatible devices.

Other games in the Rainbow Riches Franchise

  • Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold

This version offers a lower top payout of just 250x initial wager, which means it is not as suitable for high rollers but offers a new dimension to the original game in the form of three different Big Bet Options, as well as a free spins bonus round, and a new Drops of Gold Wild feature, adding something extra to this iteration of the game. The graphics are as charming as in the original game, and the soundtrack is cheerful and uplifting as is to be expected from this franchise.

  • Rainbow Riches: Fortune Favours

Visually, this spin-off is very different from the original game; with a fresh new look set against that backdrop of the Irish countryside, the reels have also been updated with new symbols, including Gaelic stylised letters on the cards as well as mushrooms, rainbows, and harps. The Magic Fairy Bonus is a new feature, and can lead to big wins: this version gives players up to 2500x multipliers. There is also a transforming wild, which in a way compensates for the lack of free spins, but the 97.75% RTP is only really available to those betting big, so perhaps is a game more suited to the high rollers rather than the standard player. The additional complexities also make it better suited for the more experienced player.

  • Rainbow Riches: Free Spins

The perfect game for the novice, with low bets and fast-paced reel spinning, looking to get up to 999 free spins, this game is simple and accessible, without any additional bonus features.

  • Rainbow Riches: Megaways

Megaways technology is able to change the symbols available on each reel, increasing the number of combination possibilities exponentially; 117,649 to be exact! The Free Spins Bonus Feature cascades and the multiplier can go on seemingly forever, allowing players to win up to 12500x their initial stake on each spin.

Rainbow Riches has a huge cult following and is one of the most popular slot games around. The different variants of the game mean that there is certainly something for everyone, and players can pick and choose what suits them, their playing style, and their financial situation. As technology continues to develop, there is no saying how much further the developers will be able to go!



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