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There are many holidays in the UK that have been imported or heavily influenced by the USA. The Americanisation of Halloween, St. Valentine's Day, and even Christmas are plain for all to see. Well, now the British Bingo community is set to embrace National Bingo Day, a day on June 27th that has traditionally only been recognised and celebrated in the US. The good news is that the date is now firmly inked in as an official bingo awareness day in the UK calendar.

After a difficult twelve months for the UK bingo scene, the community is coming together to raise the profile of bingo and bring a welcome boost to the hard-hit sector.

A Celebration of Bingo

Catherine Warrilow, Head of PR & Content at Mecca

Catherine Warrilow, Head of PR & Content at Mecca

Millions of people play bingo in the UK, and with bingo clubs set to reopen on May 17th, just over six weeks before National Bingo Day, preparations are being made to make it a day (or even possibly a week) of celebrating the wonderful world of bingo.

Supported by the Bingo Association, National Bingo Day is being championed by none other than the big two rivals in UK bingo – Mecca Bingo and Buzz Bingo. The bingo giants with around 150 clubs between them are throwing their weight behind the National Bingo Day campaign.

Catherine Warrilow, Head of PR & Content at Mecca, said:

“We’re so excited that National Bingo Day has officially arrived in the UK. We’re proud to be a part of the campaign and it’s THE year for bingo to be the evening out at the top of everyone’s list. This special day in June will be a real lynchpin for that – for us, and all operators – it’s the perfect time”.

Peter Brigden, CRO of Buzz Bingo added:

“What better way to celebrate the return of bingo to our towns than with a national day to recognise it. It’s time to get the nation going bingo crazy again – and I really hope to see the whole sector embrace it – and go big!”.

The Buzz and Mecca teams have come together to help set up a working group with the Bingo Association, helping coordinate, marketing, and PR, raising awareness of bingo for the benefit of the entire sector from the smallest independent bingo club to the largest chains. It seems everyone from the bingo industry is coming together and planning something exciting for this special day.

What is Planned for National Bingo Day on June 27th?

At this stage, nothing is confirmed but details are expected to be released over the coming weeks. However, rumours are that the bingo clubs and online bingo sites are expected to go big on this. The bingo scene has been hit hard and the industry needs a celebratory boost.

People are invited to contribute and get involved. All ideas for this opportunity to really shine the spotlight on bingo are welcome and invited on the National Bingo Day website.

Miles Baron Chief Executive of the Bingo Association stated:

“The Bingo Association and the National Bingo Game are delighted to be taking part in National Bingo Day on June 27th, working alongside operators from land based clubs and online to bring everyone together to celebrate the great game of bingo that we all love”.

Who Is Involved In National Bingo Day?

The invitation to get involved is open to all licensed operators, across venues and digital, to register their interest in supporting and celebrating the day.

With Buzz Bingo and Mecca Bingo signed up, many others are expected to show their support. A case of watch this space!

This is a cause BingoDaily wholeheartedly supports. The UK bingo scene needs both a boost and celebration after a difficult period.

For more information sign up at and you will receive more information on how to get involved really soon.



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