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There have been no shortages of crossovers when it comes to bingo. The fantastic game of bingo has been weaved into rave, karaoke, comedy, drag amongst others, and now … exercise.

Mecca Bingo, the UK's second-largest retail bingo operator and owner of the popular online bingo site, has made an unexpected entrance into the fitness scene with the launch of its brand-new workout class, Spingo.

To help its patrons keep to their New Year resolutions, Mecca Bingo has developed and launched a new fitness concept that combines the joy of bingo with the benefits of spinning in one, adrenaline-filled and fun-filled class: Mecca Spingo!

Fill Your Bingo Card Whilst Getting Fit

Mecca’s Spingo concept will see spin-instructors-come-bingo-callers don their lycra to lead classes from the saddle of a spin bike. While pedalling away to upbeat tracks, players will be able to experience the thrill of filling in their bingo card while getting fit.

Sarah O’Neill, head of innovation for Mecca Bingo said of the exciting new concept being launched::

“Pace, adrenaline-pumping competition, and joy – the worlds of bingo and spin classes have a lot more in common than people may think! That’s why we’re excited about shaking up expected and mundane exercise routines and breathing fresh life into New Year workouts with the development of our Spingo concept! Whether participants are joining for a chance to hit the jackpot prize or an endorphin high, we’re confident Spingo will hit the mark.”

Anyone wanting to give the new Mecca Spingo a try should register their interest by emailing


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