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Whilst many bingo halls in Ireland reopened recently, one bingo hall owner in Cork has refused to reopen in protest over the use of vaccine certificates.

Sunbeam Bingo owner Damien Sreenan has said that he does not want to treat unvaccinated people differently. After speaking to customers who had mixed vaccination status the owner of the popular bingo hall said that he did not like the division the vaccine certificates were creating.

Darren told Newstalk Belfast:

“We just want our customers to be treated equally at the end of the day.

“We planned and planned – we were going to open in July and then September with certs and we said we'd hold off.

“We've got people who are unvaccinated through their own choices, or some reasons that they have.

“So we said we wouldn't ask for vaccine certs, we couldn't open until then.

“So we geared up for October 22nd…. and we decided, when the news came out the other day – absolutely devastating – that we would stick to our guns and we just don't want to treat people unequally.”

“I can see a divide happening – even some of our customers were complaining ‘Oh, that's not fair – we're vaccinated, why not let us in?'

“I think the Government are after deflecting the fact that they could have done much more over the last 20 months.

“It looks like now they're trying just to push the blame on to the unvaccinated people”.


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