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Common online bingo scams are widespread, but learning how to avoid them can help you stay safe while playing bingo online. Online bingo is an exciting game, but unfortunately, scammers prey on eager players through fake websites and other phoney claims.

Unfortunately, these scammers are clever and hard to spot. This article will show you the most common online bingo scams and how to avoid them.

1. Fake Websites

The first scam is fake websites. Fake sites don't give players any sort of payout at all, even when they win real cash or prizes. This is because they aren't legal and don't use real currency.

To avoid this scam, only play at sites with reputable logos and trusted licenses. If you do win something for real, the site will pay in a way that protects your privacy and anonymity. You should never worry about false claims of security when it comes to bingo online.

2. Fake Friends

The second scam is fake friends. Some players are encouraged to make “friends” with other people who promise them prizes or other sorts of rewards if they send them money first. In most cases, these “friends” are just scammers looking for their next victim.

To avoid this scam, always remember that real prizes can't be tied to specific people. If someone promises you a big surprise in exchange for sending money, it's probably too good to be true.

3. Fake Ads

The third scam is fake ads. People place fake ads on websites trying to lure unsuspecting bingo players into believing that they are genuine offers for real games, but the only thing you will find is a link to a fake site.

To avoid this scam, always remember that the only way to know whether a bingo website is real is by looking for logos and licenses. If it looks like a scam or doesn't offer any security, then it probably is.

4. Phishing emails

The fourth scam is phishing emails. You may receive an email that claims you've won the jackpot, but if you click on the links inside, they lead to fake sites where you'll be spammed with popups and forced to download malicious software.

To avoid this scam, never follow links and always trust your instincts. If an email seems out of the ordinary for any reason, don't open it and report it so that other players can be warned.

Online bingo scams are everywhere, but if you know how to spot them you can avoid these common scams and have a great time playing bingo online. The best way to ensure that you don't get scammed is to stick with a well-known site that has good reviews from other players and review sites like

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