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Today, Gala Bingo, one of the UK's top bingo sites, appeared to have undergone a revamp in what is understood to be a platform migration away from Playtech.

Gala Bingo has relaunched their entire portfolio of bingo rooms on Electraworks software.

Having announced some ‘scheduled downtime' early in the morning, a new gala bingo site emerged, with new games, tweaked games and lost games. However, judging by the furor on social media, many of its players are anything but happy.

Gala Bingo

The ‘We're Back' announcement was made onGala Bingo's Facebook page only five hours after the downtime was announced, also on Facebook only. No announcement was made to Gala Bingo's 18,700 followers on Twitter.

Gala Bingo

Complaints on the Gala Bingo Facebook page centered primarily around the new format and layout which was described as “very confusing” and “awful” by a number of disgruntled Gala Bingo customers unhappy with the changes.

gala bingo

It appears that a number of popular games are no longer available to Gala Bingo customers with Gala Bingo operating as a standalone site with a different offering to before.

Other complaints included slow or non-loading games, big difficulties in navigation, confusion over the rewards, and inability to locate games and features.

gala bingo

Whilst we understand that you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time, it seems Gala Bingo, judging by the social media response so far, have failed to please at least some of the people. Not one single positive response to the changes at Gala Bingo has been seen so far in the comments or forums. Obviously, there will always be people against change, and once a lot of these people familiarise themselves with the new format, there will be fewer complaints. However, it was an ambitious relaunch by Gala Bingo, but one that its players were not consulted or forewarned about.

BingoDaily has reached out to Gala Bingo for comment and clarification on the changes made. However, at the time of publishing, we are yet to receive a reply to our questions.



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