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Is there bingo news more satisfying than a club regular scooping a biz prize at their local bingo club? Well, what about a retired NHS nurse, someone that has dedicated their lives to healing others, winning big at the bingo hall they have been going to for years?

Susan James, A retired NHS nurse from the Wirral who selflessly returned to work as a volunteer to help vaccinate during the pandemic, took home a whopping £10,000 following a visit to the local bingo club – the Buzz Bingo Bromborough.

A regular at the popular bingo club for more than a decade, Susan loves to visit her local club for her favourite dish, hunters chicken and a game of bingo with her two closest friends. She called “house” during the Go Go Jackpot Game at Buzz Bingo in Bromborough on Wednesday February 23rd.

The long time bingo player said she is ‘absolutely delighted' with the win, and when asked, Susan said she intends to ‘share the winnings with her bingo buddies.'

Jayne Burchall, general manager at Buzz Bingo Bromborough, said “We couldn’t be happier for Susan and her fantastic win.

“Everyone was cheering from their seats – it was such an exciting moment.”

Chief retail officer at Buzz Bingo, Peter Brigden, said “The atmosphere in club when there's a win is always incredible, and we're delighted to see one of our lucky customers win the £10,000 Go Go Jackpot at Buzz Bingo Bromborough.

“Overall Buzz Bingo players win more than £2m per week in bingo prize money.

“It's great to celebrate a win and have the rest of the bingo community celebrate that too!”

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