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They say when you are hot, you are hot, and for Buzz Bingo Top Valley in Nottingham, they are hot.

Just a few weeks after a Top Valley regular won the National Bingo Game Jackpot of £50,000, the popular bingo club on Gala Way is celebrating another big win at the club.

This time, a happy winner walked away with a cool £12,275.10 after calling ‘HOUSE' on a community pot of gold game at Buzz Bingo Top Valley venue.

The jubilant winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, happened to be visiting the bingo club for his mother-in-law's birthday celebrations. He now plans to put his winnings towards treating his family and for his honeymoon.

The General Manager at Buzz Bingo Nottingham, Mark Levitt, said of the win: “We couldn’t be happier for our lucky winner and their fantastic win.

“Everyone was cheering from their seats – it was such an exciting moment.”

Peter Brigden, the chief Retail Officer at Buzz Bingo, the UK's largest retail bingo operator and owner of the UK's top bingo sites, said: “The atmosphere in the club when there’s a win is always incredible, and we’re delighted to see one of our customers win £12,000 during the Community Pot of Gold Game.”

“Overall Buzz Bingo players win more than £2m per week in bingo prize money.

“It’s great to celebrate a win and have the rest of the bingo community celebrate that too!”




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