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A 52-year-old lady from Colchester has been left ‘very upset by the decision of her beloved Buzz Bingo in Colchester to issue her a lifetime ban.

According to a report in the local newspaper, Maureen Potticary initially received a one-year ban from Buzz Bingo for being drunk on Saturday, June 16th, in the Colchester club, which Maureen had been attending regularly for over five years, sometimes spending up to 10 hours a day in the club and often spending hundreds of pounds monthly.

Maureen said that she was drunk after only a few alcoholic drinks, which she attributes to not taking her PTSD medicine. A few days after the incident, Maureen received a letter telling her she had been banned from Buzz Bingo for a year due to her behaving in an  “inappropriate manner” towards Buzz Bingo staff.

However, after disputing the allegation, Maureen found that Buzz Bingo, which has closed numerous branches this year, had doubled down on its ban. Her account was closed indefinitely, AND Buzz Bingo bosses also insisted they would do their utmost to prevent Maureen from ever being able to create a new account again.

A distraught Maureen, who denies any wrong doing other than being a little drunk,  said of the one-off incident:

“I was drunk because I don’t drink, but I did say sorry. [I didn’t cause trouble or abuse anyone].

“My friends are not happy, and I am very upset. I just want to go back.”

Right Decision?

However, bosses at Buzz Bingo are not budging. A spokesperson said:

“We can confirm we are aware of the situation with this member.

“Colleagues at Buzz Bingo Colchester are trained to deal with situations such as this.

“We can confirm on the occasion in question the team followed all the correct procedures, and the decision was made in line with our protocol and club rules.”

And in fairness, it seems some members of Buzz Bingo Colchester agree with the decision to dish out a lifetime ban to Maureen.

One comment from ‘Carol Chaney' read:

“I've been a member of buzz bingo over 40 years, I've never come across a woman like her she is nothing but a trouble maker. In the 5 years she's been coming to the club. it's not the 1st time she's been barred from the club. Always calling police on people likes to be in the limelight. I was their that night she was drunk and nearly knocked me over swearing and going on. Sneaking bottles of vodka in when it's not allowed. all the staff and managers at Buzz Bingo go out their way to make our night enjoyable, it just takes one like her to ruin a good night's. She deserves being barred for life, only takes one bad egg to blacken the clubs name. She needs to keep her mouth shut and her hands to herself.”

Another comment, this time from a ‘Jay Doe' read:

“This woman is nothing but trouble always putting her nose into everybody business inside and outside the club. Always ringing police and giving false information 100% trouble. Drinks smokes and swears like a trooper”

Did Buzz Bingo make the right decision? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Marian Brown says:

    I believe the right decision was made to ban her indefinitely. Most people go to buzz bingo for enjoyment,& hopefully have a pleasant time.I have always found the staff always very welcoming & so friendly.Nobody should have to put up with any unpleasant behaviour.

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