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When it comes to playing bingo, many players have their own superstitions. Be it a lucky seat, a lucky dabber, or even wearing a lucky pair of pants, there are many of us who believe in lady luck.

New research from the National Bingo Game to mark National Bingo Day on 27th June has thrown up some surprise lucky cities and surprise lucky clubs.

The Luckiest Bingo Club

For Jackpot wins, it's Merkur Bingo in Cricklewood, which had the most of any club in the country!

However, for big cash wins, Buzz Bingo Medway takes the top spot, netting a cool £162,000 for its customers.

For those seeking maximum average jackpot prize value, Scotland is the place to be, at Premier Bingo in Perth, where the average jackpot win was £5,844 (9 wins, £52,600 winnings).

Warrington’s Buzz Bingo was second with an average jackpot prize value of £2,728 (39 wins, £106,400 winnings).

The Luckiest Towns/Cities for Bingo

Cardiff is the luckiest town/city for total jackpot prize winnings, beating Glasgow and London with bingo jackpot winnings of £218,000.

North London claimed second place with £171,000 in winnings

Medway is third, with £162,000: just £9,000 behind North London.

London is the luckiest town/city for most jackpot wins, with 598 wins. These were claimed across three clubs, with over 76% (459 wins) being at Merkur Bingo in Cricklewood, netting lucky winners £143,500.

Cardiff’s £218,000 bingo bonanza was made up of 323 individual jackpot wins: on average, 26 jackpot wins a month.

Cardiff has three bingo clubs, of which Club 3000 Bingo paid out over 61% of the city’s bingo jackpot winnings, (£134,700), but accounted for less than 44% of all jackpot wins in the city (142 wins).

Liverpool came in second place for frequency with 429 wins, closely followed by Manchester third with 409 and Birmingham fourth with 406.

A Year's Worth of Data

The National Bingo Game analysed jackpot win data from 728 games, played at over 250 bingo clubs, across the country, from March 2022 to March 2023.

Alastair Stewart, Head of Commercial Operations at the National Bingo Game said of the research:


 “It’s great to see Cardiff topping our Lucky Towns survey as we celebrate National Bingo Day and bingo winners across the country. There’s nothing quite like a win to get the heart racing!


“Wins at Wrexham have already put Wales on track to take the top spot next year, having claimed two big jackpot wins in April alone – though we have not had reports of Ryan Reynolds calling ‘house’ yet!


“As every bingo player knows it’s not just the ‘buzz’ of the win, nor the size of the prize, that makes bingo special – it’s the people, sense of fun and community: the very thing we will all be celebrating this National Bingo Day on 27th June.”


UK-Wide Results

The survey also revealed:

The luckiest bingo club in Wales is Castle Bingo Swansea, with 169 wins –27 more than the luckiest club in Cardiff – but only winning £80,700 in winnings (approximately 40% less than the top winning Welsh club)

The luckiest town in Scotland is Greenock, with £124,000 in winnings and 125 wins, all in one club, Club 3000 Bingo Greenock, which came in fourth in terms of number of wins, behind Carlton Dunfermline (third with 127 wins), Club 3000 Kirkcaldy (second, with 133 wins) and Mecca Forge Glasgow (first with 175 wins but just £29,200 in jackpot winnings).

The luckiest town in England is North London (the capital city was broken into areas for comparison purposes) –both in respect of the value of winnings (£171,800) and the number of wins (598).

Regional Surprises

Looking at the Regions:

The luckiest town in the South West was Bristol, both for winnings £150,200 and wins, 225, with Club 3000 Bingo Bristol paying out over 93% of winnings.

The luckiest towns in the South East (including London areas) were Medway with £162,000 in winnings and North London with 598 wins.

The luckiest towns in the Midlands were Mansfield, with £115,000 in winnings all from Apollo Bingo Mansfield, and Birmingham, with 406 wins, over 36% of which were at BJ’s Bingo in Kitts Green.

The luckiest town in North East was Stockton, with £144,400 in winning and 230 wins, all at Mecca Bingo Stockton.

The luckiest towns in North West were Manchester, with £135,800 in winnings, all from Mecca Bingo Bolton, and Liverpool, with 429 wins, over 28% of which were at Club 3000 Bingo Stanley Park.

National Bingo Day is Just Days Away

With the eagerly anticipated National Bingo Day just a week away, the National Bingo Game is hoping to produce more winners to celebrate National Bingo Day with a special game offering £100,000 jackpot prizes on the 25th and half-price National Bingo Game on the 27th and bingo clubs across the country, celebrating all week long in the run-up to the day.

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