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A whopping £1.38 million has been won by an unnamed woman playing online bingo. It is believed to be one of Britain's biggest bingo wins both online and in clubs.

The shell shocked Buzz Bingo player who goes by the username Pottsy25, was playing with a £2 stake on the Genie Jackpots at Buzz Bingo online.

Having initially thought she won a an already life changing amount of £100k, the woman was absolutely stunned to learn that she had scooped a massive £1.38 million. It is understood that is the biggest bingo win in the UK for Buzz Binhgo. It was confirmed by Buzz as the biggest bingo win ever both online and in club.

Celebrating in Skeggy

The delighted dabber spoke of her what she intends to do with the money including treating her brother and mother. Best of all, the bingo-made millionaire will be celebrating her colossal win with a trip, not to the Bahamas, not the Maldives, but in Skegness, or Skegvegas as sometimes known.


source: wikipedia

The anonymous winner spoke to the press of her win, saying:

“I thought I’d won £100k at first but to find out it was over £1.3million was just another level,”

“We all speak about what we'd do if we won but now it's actually happened I'm not exactly sure. It hasn't sunk in yet but I'm just so happy.

“I do know that I’m going to share some with my brother though and I’d like to buy a bungalow for my mum. My neighbours have been really good to me through a difficult time of loss so I’ll definitely be treating them too.

“I already had a trip to Skegness booked. So, I’m going to celebrate there, relax and really think about what else I’ll do with the money.

Biggest Bingo Win Ever for Buzz

David Evans, digital director at Buzz Bingo, added:

“We’re ecstatic to be celebrating Pottsy25’s win – the biggest we’ve ever seen both at and in our clubs.

“To see a £2 stake turn into £1.38million is absolutely mind-blowing and we couldn’t be happier for our lucky member. We absolutely love making winners and as our community continues to grow. We’re so excited to be part of the next life-changing win.”

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