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Having conquered the world (well, at least in the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada), with their unique brand of Rave Bingo, the Bingo Loco team have announced a new venture. The Loco Land festival, featuring live comedy, music and DJ sets, will take place on the 13th July in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

Bingo enthusiasts will get the opportunity to play their favourite Bingo loco game whilst enjoying top acts including S Club and Example. There is even a DJ set from Dustin the Turkey, the popular puppet character performed by John Morrison.

Bingo Loco Growing Worldwide

The Bingo Loco formula is now a well-oiled, highly entertaining machine sold out in venues across the globe. The global party craze which fuses Bingo, comedy and dance music was originally dreamed up by two friends, William Meara and Craig Reynolds, whilst backpacking at a community centre in North Iraq. After teaming up Stephen Lawless, the trio launched Bingo Loco in a small underground theatre in Dublin at the start of 2017. At the inaugural event, Reynolds said:

“Bingo was dead, but we're bringing it back in a way that has never been seen in Ireland before. We're dragging it kicking and screaming to spring this outrageous event in your face. Dublin deserves more!”

Bingo Loco nights including prizes to Las Vegas being dished out quickly gained a reputation for offering the “most bizarre night out ever”, and sold out wherever they played. The thumping 90's dance tunes, dance-offs and lip sync battles are broken up with comedic and fast-paced bingo games. All in all, an unexpected recipe for success.

Fast forward two years from that fateful Dublin night and Bingo Loco are now playing to 75,000 annually.

Tickets for the Loco Land festival go one sale on this Friday the 10th of May. For further information on the Bingo Loco event, you can visit their website here.

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