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In 1984, Rod Stewart released the hit song ‘Some Guys Have All the Luck'. little did the Essex rocker know that this would be best applied to the manager of Cub 3000 Bingo Greenock some 40 years later.

Forget about rubbing a genie for luck, North of the Border, you should be rubbing a Gerry for luck. Gerry Chisolm, the general manager of Club 3000 Bingo Greenock to be exact.,

Incredibly, since taking over the popular bingo club, one of seven Club 3000 Bingo venues in Scotland. Gerry has dished out a whopping four £50,000 jackpot prizes, with the latest life-changing sum being won by a much-loved regular, playing the National Bingo Game on Thursday the 4th of January.

The jubilant dabber who wishes to remain anonymous will have a new year to remember. Meanwhile, the latest win cements club 3000 Bingo Greenock's status as Scotland's Luckiest Bingo Club with an incredible five National Bingo Game Jackpots over the last few years.

£2m in winnings in the last 12 months

With Gerry at the helm at Greenock, it seems the Gods of luck, Tyche and Fortuna are smiling down brightly on the Scottish venue which has paid out more than £2m in winnings in the last 12 months alone!.

‘Lucky' Gerry Chisolm said of the latest big win:

“A new year and yet another new £50,000 jackpot for the club.

“This is now our fifth big jackpot win over the last couple of years and the fourth since I have been here; we certainly have a lucky streak in our club making it the luckiest club in the whole of Scotland.”


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