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Online Bingo is a social game offering interactive chat rooms and near non-stop bingo games. But compared to other remote gambling such as online casinos and sports betting, bingo generates far less revenue.

The average spend of casino players is the highest, followed by sports betting, and bingo trails far behind. One reason for this is because bingo is first and foremost a social game, where-as for casino and sports betting the focus is on playing against the house and beating the odds.

Popularity Contest: Bingo Halls vs Bingo Chat Rooms

The number of Land-based bingo halls has dropped year on year until 2018 when the number increased for the first time. This increase may be a sign that bingo players still enjoy the offline experience compared to online social gambling.

Legislation and Regulation

The UK Gambling Commission continues to legislate with a heavy hand, handing out fines for breaking responsible gambling laws and severely limited the type of advertising allowed by gambling operators.

Since 2017:

  • All gambling ads on British TV must show or reference responsible gamings support service, begambleaware.org
  • A 15% general duty tax was implemented on all bets, both free and discounted. Profoundly affecting welcome bonus and free spin offers.
  • To reduce the risk of child gamblers, any content, games, characters, mascots or themes which could attract under-18 year-olds were banned.
  • Stricter KYC laws were implemented requiring all remote gambling customers to be identified before placing any bets, including free bets such as no deposit spins, free bets and no deposit bonuses.

List of Closed Bingo Sites 2019

DF = Dragon Fish
VF = Virtue Fusion

Closed Bingo Site Software
Ace of Bingo VF
Big Bucks Bingo Cozy
Big Love Bingo Cozy
Biggest Bingo DF
Bingo Anywhere Cozy
Bingo Bytes Cozy
Bingo Cove DF
Bingo Enchanted VF
Bingo Funland DF
Bingo Hero Cozy
Bingo Hotpot Cozy
Bingo Lottery
Bingo Millionaire DF
Bingo With Kerry VF
Bingo Yard DF
Bridezilla Cozy
Candis Bingo DF
Comfy Bingo Cozy
Flowerpot Bingo DF
Funtastic Bingo DF
Gold Medal Bingo DF
Golden Hat Bingo VF
Have a Ball Bingo Cozy
Kelly’s Eye Bingo Cozy
Kingsway Bingo DF
Look Bingo DF
Loquax Bingo DF
Love My Bingo Cozy
Love Your Bingo VF
Marathonbet Bingo Micro
Naughty Bingo Cozy
Play2Win Bingo Cozy
Plush Bingo Cozy
Priceless Bingo DF
Prize Bingo DF
Scarlet Bingo VF
Scrummy Bingo Cozy
Smooth Bingo Cozy
Snappy Bingo Cozy
Swag Bingo Cozy
Teaand Bingo DF
TGI Bingo DF
Think Bingo Cozy


2019 has already seen more bingo sites close than 2018, with four months still to go. Plus, the UKGC is currently undertaking a consultation to ban the use of credit cards in gambling which if it goes into effect, may contribute to more bingo sites closing.

There is, however, no need to panic as new bingo sites are slowly opening up and there is no shortage of bingo sites up and running already. You can check out our selection of best bingo sites too.

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