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The wonderful game of Bingo has taken many forms and twists in its centuries-old evolution. Although the biggest shake-up of bingo has been with the advent of the internet and online bingo, things may be about to change.

Pubs, clubs, and front rooms can now offer customers and friends the opportunity to enjoy a digitised, interactive and fast-paced bingo following the launch of SpeedQuizzing's latest creation – Speed Bingo.

No, Speed bingo is not wolfing down 2 grams of amphetamines whilst playing bingo at the local bingo hall. Instead, Speed Bingo is the creation of York-based tech company Speed Quizzing.

The interactive app-based platform can be downloaded free of charge from the website and players can download the app to connect to the game. This means that pubs and social clubs will be able to host fast-paced games of bingo, all digitised and without the need for pens and paper. Another great feature of the app is that there can be no disputes over who called ‘House' first.  The Speed Bingo software will determine who the winner is according to who successfully finished their digital card first.

SpeedBingo Easy to Play

Speed Bingo is the first non-quizzing game to be developed by the tech firm located on the outskirts of historic York. It works with a pre-populated 4×4 grid of sixteen numbers, from 1-80, is automatically generated for each player on their own touch-screen device, with players pressing each number as and when they are called out by the host.

John Leach, the co-founder, and head of tech at SpeedQuizzing, along with his brother Alan, more famously known as the drummer of Indie band Shed Seven, said:

“We’re constantly evolving and developing our quiz games, but this is the first time we’ve done something away from that and we’re thrilled with the result.

“Bingo has made a real comeback over the course of the last few years and we wanted to create our own take on a classic game, taking the best bits and blending them with 21st technology to create something new and exciting.

‘We believe we’ve done exactly that with Speed Bingo and we’re confident it’ll help to drive footfall, sales and fun in pubs at a time when such a tonic is badly needed.“

2020 The Year of Speed Bingo?

The Speed Bingo launch should tap into the bingo revival sweeping the UK. Bingo events held by the likes of Bongo's Bingo and Bingo Loco have been sold out throughout 2019. This year looks set to see Speed Bingo build upon its initial success with 225 SpeedQuizzing events currently hosted in over 25 countries every week.

The company hopes this year will be even stronger, with plans to add new features to its SpeedQuizzing app. If you haven't already heard of Speed Bingo, it seems this year you will.


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