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Bingo fans in Wales have something to cheer about after the 17-day firebreak ended on Monday 9th November.

A new set of national measures have now been put in place, replacing the drastic firebreak regime which saw bingo halls, along with just about everything else in Wales, closed due to the rising coronavirus infection rate.

Bingo hall and casino doors are now open in Wales. However, theatres, concert halls and nightclubs will stay closed for the time being.

What's Changed?

What's changed for bingo halls? not much from before the latest lockdown. The new rules do not impact the regular visit to your local Welsh bingo hall. Bingo operators must take all reasonable measures to manage risk and maintain physical distancing. This will mean masks being worn and measures to ensure 2-metre social distancing is observed within the club.

Travel is not permitted into and out of Wales unless with a ‘reasonable excuse'. There are no legal restrictions on travel within Wales. However, people are advised to avoid non-essential travel as much as possible.

For a full list of the new Welsh rules, see the Welsh government website here.

Mark Drakeford, the First Minister for Wales said: “We all need to think about our own lives and what we can all do to keep our families safe. We need to stop thinking about the maximum limit of rules and regulations.

“Coronavirus is a highly infectious virus – it thrives on contact between people. To keep each other safe we need to reduce the number of people we have contact with and the amount of time we spend with them.

“There will be a new set of national measures from today, which will follow up all the hard work and sacrifices which have been made during the firebreak.

“We cannot go back to the way we were living our lives and throw away all that hard work.”


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