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During the lockdown, the UK Bingo community's reaction to the coronavirus has been nothing short of amazing.

Today's good bingo news making its way to the BingoDaily news desk came from Lincolnshire.

Local residents in Grantham threw a surprise birthday lockdown bingo street party to celebrate a neighbour's 80th birthday.

Janet Hoyes, of Woolsthorpe-By-Colsterworth near Grantham, Lincolnshire was supposed to mark her milestone 80th birthday with family, friends and neighbours. However, with lockdown still in place, the party was forced to be cancelled.

With Janet bitterly disappointed with the cancellation, the neighbours decided to rally around with a surprise game of street bingo.

One neighbour, Dion Dexter, who has lived close to Janet for 21 years said of the event:

“I was talking to her several weeks ago and she told me that her party had been cancelled and how much she had been looking forward to it. She’d booked a venue, singer buffet etc. Knowing that she was a little upset about it I got thinking about what we could do to make her day special.

“I spoke with her daughter and some of the other neighbours and we decided to organise a surprise Bingo session with each family staying in their gardens due to social distancing. We also had a buffet and some music.”

Respecting the social distance guidelines, over 20 people joined Janet from pavements, gardens, and doorsteps.

Janet has lived in The Close for 54 years, but was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the surprise street bingo organised for her. She said of the day:

“I didn’t have a clue. My daughter said she was going to visit later on in the day. When they arrived she said that as we couldn’t have a normal party they were bringing the party to me instead.”

“It was such a lovely day. I normally go to the social club every Friday night to play Bingo and I haven’t been able to go since lockdown so it was such a surprise from everyone.

“I have got such good neighbours. We are not in each other’s pockets but I know that they are always there if I need them.”

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