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An NHS worker from Scarborough will have a Christmas to remember after scooping over £28,000 playing online bingo.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous and be referred to by her online bingo name; Busterpuss, said of the win whilst playing at, one of the UK's most popular bingo sites:

“Things like this never happen to me! I’ve been waiting for this moment and it couldn’t have come at a better time as our car has just broken down.”

Her husband, who, like many people in the UK has been furloughed from his role as a sound and lighting engineer – and is in a position where his work still hasn't returned to normal, was delighted with the win, especially as he thought she’d only won £28!

The winner said her only extravagance from the win has to been to replace the car that just broke down with a Nissan Micra. There is also a new conservatory roof that has been ordered to replace the leaky one they have at present.

With the rest of the money in bonds, the winner said that if circumstances will allow, she hopes to go on a skiing trip in 2021 after their plans, like many others this year, were cancelled. She also hopes to go on holiday for 10 days now rather than the usual week.

Champagne and Chinese Takeaway

When the winner was asked how she celebrated the win, Busterpuss said:

I went to the supermarket and got two bottles of Champagne and we toasted over a Chinese takeaway, it was perfect.”

So far, there have been more than 5 million winners at the mecca online site, with Mecca dishing out more than £400 million in prizes online already in 2020, averaging £44 million a month.

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