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It’s that magical time of the year where the festive season is fast approaching. Besides from snooping at friends and family Amazon wish lists, many people get in the festive cheer by raising money for charity through lotteries, raffles and tombolas.

Millions of pounds are raised every year thanks to voluntary contributions by people purchasing tickets. And if you’re thinking about running a charity lottery game, make sure you do so legally. Here are some key points to remember, that have been laid out by the UK Gambling Commission.

  • Charity games must be run for charitable purposes and not for personal or private gain
  • Tickets may only be sold at the place of the event and during the event. Anyone who wishes to sell tickets prior and at a different location must either hold a UKGC licence or register with their local authority
  • There is a limit on the amount you can spend on the sales of tickets
  • Donated prizes, however, have no limits
  • All tickets must be priced the same except under special circumstances
  • If you are a business running a lottery for your clients and/or customers – all proceeds must be spent on prizes or expenses
  • Rollover prizes are forbidden unless your lottery is being run under a UKGC licence or with permission from your local authority.

The above key points also apply for those wanting to raise money for other events, such as helping your local sports team raise money for equipment, raise money to repair the roof of your local Church, or even run an office sweepstake.

To make sure you fully stay within the law, we at Bingo Daily recommend that you download the UKGC’s quick guide on running a lottery.

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