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Global gaming giant Playtech announced a new partnership with TruNarrative, to strengthen its commitment to compliance. 

TruNarrative is a relatively new company specialising in making commerce safe and attempting to make AML checks as non-invasive and invisible as possible. Some of their services include: 

  • Identify verification 
  • eKYC
  • risk assessment 
  • AML compliance 
  • account monitoring 
  • and fraud detection 

They package all their risk solutions into an API that companies, such as Playtech can integrate to improve their compliance, reduce costs and improve customer experience. The end goal is to provide a global compliance platform to the gaming industry that maximises compliance and safe gambling. 

Ian Ince, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance at Playtech, commented: “The increasingly complex regulatory framework is the single biggest challenge facing gambling businesses operating in regulated markets. This partnership will help operators answer this challenge.”

Due to the rapid changes in regulations and risks involved from operating in multiple provinces, the collaboration seeks to improve Playtechs compliance network and capabilities.  

Thanks to the partnership, customers at Playtech can benefit from multiple types of verification, and gambling services from one single platform. 

Anthony Evans, VP of Product Strategy at Playtech, commented: “In linking Playtech's core gaming products and its BetBuddy safer gambling analytics software with TruNarrative's compliance platform, we are enabling operators to access a unique safer gambling solution.”  

Adam Doyle, Head of Gaming at TruNarrative, said: “We are excited to be working with Playtech and are looking forward to delivering truly innovative customer onboarding, safer gambling and risk management solutions to its partners.”

The single platform will help to strengthen Playtech's commitment to compliance and safer gambling. 

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