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If you play at online bingo sites, chances are you're like the huge number of people who save your login information to your web browser.

We've all done it. It makes sense too. You don't want to have to remember 20 different usernames and passwords for 20 different bingo sites you play at.

It's not wise to save them in your browser though! This is because when using a shared computer, like at home, the office, in an internet cafe or library, anyone with access to your computer could potentially find all of this information and use it to steal your identity or hack into one of the sites you play at.

The “best practice” with online bingo is to have a different login name and password for each site you play at. Then if one site gets hacked, it won't affect all your other accounts. If you want to be even safer, change your login information regularly for each site.

The problem is, this is a lot of work. You probably won't remember all these new usernames and passwords. If only there were a way to solve this dilemma…. well, there is! You should use a password manager like LastPass or Roboform.

What is a password manager?

A password manager saves your passwords and allows you to quickly log in from any device. It is an easy way to automate the task so you do not have to remember them all. Especially as you will likely use different usernames and passwords for each online bingo website, so it becomes a very time-consuming effort to log in each time.

What is the benefit of using a password manager?

Using a password manager will mean you have an easier time logging into your online bingo accounts since you won't need to remember all those different usernames and passwords.

The best part about these password managers is they keep your passwords and login information secure by NOT saving your login details in the browser. Here's how to use them:

  • Start by creating an account at a password manager site, like LastPass.
  • This will create an encrypted database that can only be accessed by you through a master password.
  • You then upload all the data from your web browser's password manager to LastPass.
  • You can now login seamlessly to your favourite bingo sites without ever having to remember all the different usernames and passwords.

They're also compatible with smartphones and tablets, which means you can play at bingo sites on the go.

Remember though, these tools don't just work for bingo! You can use them to store your credit cards and login information for all your favourite sites: Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, and many more.

So go ahead, stay secure when playing online bingo and start using a password manager today.

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