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The title of the UK's Luckiest Bingo Hall could well be passing hands shortly following Norwich Mecca Bingo celebrating two £50,000 jackpot wins within four months of each other.

The first half of 2019 saw Stockton Mecca Bingo run away with the title of Britains Luckiest Bingo venue. The Chandlers Wharf venue notched up a fourth National Bingo Game jackpot win of £50,000 over a 12 month period earlier this year. However, ending the year strongly is the Norfolk bingo club.

The Aylsham Road venue has been open since 1988 and can attract a full house of 800 people in the busier evenings. The Norwich Mecca venue gets around 300 new dabbers each week whilst building up an impressive 10,000 followers on Facebook. Whilst the number of bingo venues has more than halved since its 1980's heydays, bingo has seen a resurgence of late. Rave-infused bingo events like that of Bongo's Bingo has seen bingo venues sold out in the UK, Ibiza, Australia and Dubai.

The Norwich bingo club has been on an enviable winning streak of late. As well as the two National Bingo Game jackpot wins of £50,000, the Aylsham Road hall has seen sums of £15,000 to £18,000 won on the Table Top Bingo.

Norwich Mecca Bingo branch manager Janette McCracken hopes the success stories will continue. Mrs McCracken said:

“There's a feeling of ‘it could have been me. Everyone's pleased for the winners.”

You could win £50,000 on the national game any day, it's always possible.”

The team here at BingoDaily will be keeping a close eye on whether or not Norwich Mecca Bingo continues its winning streak.


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