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Online lottery operator Lottoland is set to launch “The Vault”  – a new online 90 ball bingo game that offers the world’s biggest online Bingo Jackpot – a staggering £5 Million!

The new bingo game will be debuted today – Saturday 27th November at 8.30 pm and will be available to bingo players from the United Kingdom and Ireland only. After today, The Vault will only be available to play on a bi-weekly basis on both Wednesday and Saturday only. Tickets to win the world's largest online Bingo jackpot will be sold for just 25 pence.

The life-changing jackpot will be awarded on slightly more even terms than other bingo games we may be used to. The majority of the jackpot – £4 million will go to the winner, whilst the remaining £1 million will be divided between all the participating players in the exciting new bingo game.

The Vault is part of the new BinGo BIG proposition for UK and Ireland players and utilizes Lottoland's special algorithm device known as Random and insured Number Generator or (RiNG) which allows customers to win massive jackpots instantaneously, with the prizes being insured through Lottoland’s own insurance infrastructure. Not only does this ensure a fair and enjoyable experience, but it is also said to guarantee no malfunctions or errors.

Lottoland Going Big on Bingo

Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell said:

“We are incredibly excited about launching our bingo product as this has been a long time in the making, but what makes Bingo BIG particularly special is that sharing in a huge prize pot like this is taking us back to that sense of community that everyone has come to know and love about traditional bingo.

“For decades bingo halls have brought people together and we were very conscious when building Bingo BIG that, although we felt we could open the game up to a new audience and bring bingo into a digital setting, we never wanted to lose that feeling of camaraderie and fun.

“We know that for so many of our customers' online games are about more than just prizes, and this has given us a great opportunity to create something exciting – all the joy of a big night out from the comfort of your home. We’re very proud of it.”

The launch of the biggest and best bingo jackpot in the UK by Lottoland is a statement of intent by the company who have previously stated their intention to build a far bigger presence in the UK bingo space

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