NBC Sports Philadelphia announces the addition of betting feed to NBA coverage

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On Tuesday, April 2nd, NBC Sports Philadelphia announced that it will be offering betting-centric programming as well as its National Basketball Association (NBA) coverage, making it the latest regional sports network (RSN) to do so.

As per reported by the network owned by Comcast, it will offer gambling analysis through its own digital platform, NBC Sports Philadelphia+, during the Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers Eastern conference game set to take place on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Reports also state that there be on-screen graphics showing betting data and information which will include a glossary designed to assist the viewer with the gambling terminology. Meanwhile, the hosts are expected to talk about how events in gameplay affect particular bets.

Additionally, as part of its podcasts, the network will also be providing on its website betting odds as well as expert predictions

Friday, April 5th has been set as the date for the Predict The Game podcast to be produced for the eighth and possibly the last time.

Speaking on the announcement, NBC Sports Philadelphia president Brian Monihan said:

“We are thrilled to be the first to provide this betting-focused programming and analysis, with a format that is relevant to everyone, from those just learning to advanced bettors.”

“This live coverage continues our commitment to engage our fans in new and exciting ways.”


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