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As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, most of the UK is still under national lockdown with bingo halls closed until December 2nd (in England at least)

Britain is undeniably a nation of tea drinkers. In 2018, we drank 165 million cups of today every day, enough to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Now, with the continuing impact of Covid-19 seeing the number of adults in the UK experiencing loneliness surge, Mecca Bingo, one of the largest Bingo and Slots operators in the UK, has, on the back of a recent tea survey it conducted, launched its own tea for customers  – the Mecca Brew – in order to encourage people to check in with friends and family and arrange a virtual brew.


Tea Survey Results

Mecca Bingo also revealed the results of their recent tea-drinking survey. The survey was conducted with 1476 customers between October and November. Here are some of the survey result highlights:

  • Brits have doubled the number of tea they enjoy every day during the lockdown.
  • As a nation, we consume on average 4 cups a day with 89% of those surveyed opting for English breakfast tea as their tea of choice.
  • In second place was Earl Grey with 4% and in third place was green tea with 3%.
  • 43% of bingo fans surveyed opted for no sugar.
  • 31% admitted to taking two sugars.
  • 69% let the teabag brew for 2-3 minutes.
  • 85% of those surveyed drink using a mug, whilst 10% use a traditional teacup.
  • Importantly, 73% agreed that milk had to be added in the final stage of the tea making process (only 73%?!?!)

Mecca Brew Launch

Mecca Brew was launched this month by Mecca Bingo, one of the UK's top bingo sites, across its social media channels following the survey. Mecca is encouraging people to stay in touch with loved ones and arrange a virtual brew, with competitions on their Facebook page to win a supply of Mecca Brew.

Head of PR and Social, Catherine Warrilow said:

“We appreciate how many people are feeling isolated and lonely at the moment so we wanted to find a fun way to encourage people to arrange a virtual chat – and that’s always better over a good cuppa isn’t it”.

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