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With around three weeks until Bingo halls reopen, Mecca Bingo has announced its pledge to be a safe space for all.

In what will be a big year for Mecca Bingo and its 72 bingo clubs, the bingo operator is making a pledge to ensure that its bingo clubs are safe spaces for all. Mecca, who also run one of the UK's top online bingo sites, declared its three steps to ensure everyone feels secure and comfortable upon reopening on May 17th.

Celebrating its 60th Birthday this year, Mecca Bingo wanted to get the message out there that anyone can walk into a Mecca Bingo hall (over 18) and know that it is a place where they can feel at ease and be somewhere they'll always find a friendly face.

The Mecca Bingo Three Step Pledge

The three-step Mecca Bingo space to make a safe space for all is as follows

  • The first step is to provide somewhere quiet to sit for as long as needed.
  • The next stage is to offer to make a call to a friend or family member, or in more serious situations, the emergency services.
  • The third is to help someone get home safely, assisting with making travel plans if needed.

John Dyson, Operations Director at Mecca Bingo, said:

“At Mecca, we pride ourselves on being a safe space for all – that includes customers, local residents and anyone who passes by one of our clubs.

“Whatever the situation, our doors are open and there will always be a friendly face at Mecca”.


After a devastating year for the UK bingo industry, it is important that people return to their bingo halls. Whilst the number of bingo halls closing in 2021 has slowed down recently, many more clubs' survival will be dependent upon numbers returning.

During 2020, in the few months that bingo halls were open, there were concerns over the visitor levels. However, the severity of the pandemic was greater then.



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