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The Rank Group Plc (LON: RNK) has started deploying wi-Q, the cloud-based mobile ordering and payment platform, in 89 of its Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor Casino venues.

The web-based system enables customers at a Mecca Bingo club to access an online menu and order food and beverages. The orders are then delivered without the customer ever having to leave their seat or miss a bingo game. The payments are processed by Barclaycard and users get access to special deals and customisable offers.

Digitally Enhancing the Bingo Experience

Graham Cornhill, the co-founder and managing director of wi-Q said:

“The move away from app-based solutions to intuitive cloud technology is where the wider hospitality industry is heading, and The Rank Group are working with us in a wider capacity to lead the market.

wi-Q represents the next generation of mobile ordering and payment technology, and we look forward to working with Grosvenor Casinos and Mecca Bingo on their long-term digital engagement strategy,”

The Rank Group Plc (LON: RNK), headquartered in Maidenhead, operates 56 Grosvenor casinos and 96 Mecca Bingo clubs. As well as it's online bingo and betting operations, tt also operates two Grosvenor Casinos clubs in Belgium, and 1- Rank España bingo clubs in Spain. Eddie Hall, Head of Food & Beverage for the Rank Group said of the wi-Q deployment:

“We see the introduction of this technology as a huge step forward in driving our passion for a great customer experience in club.  Our customers tell us they love the speed, convenience and ease of use of the platform.  We look forward to continuing to innovate this technology to enhance our customer experience for the future.”

The latest move by Mecca Bingo to make the bingo evening as enjoyable and accessible as possible ramps up the competition with Buzz Bingo. Having spent more than £40 million on rebranding since late 2018, Buzz Bingo has been focusing on the experiences within the bingo venues. As the competition heats up, it seems the UK bingo goer is the winner so far.

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