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Just a month after Mecca Bingo Bolton was accused of a breach of coronavirus rules, Mecca Bingo Dundee has now been accused of breaching coronavirus restrictions.

According to reports, it is alledged that Mecca Bingo management told a member of staff to work when she should have been self-isolating.

The claim has been made that an employee at the Mecca Bingo Dundee venue informed the bingo club’s management over the weekend that her daughter who she lives with, had been displaying coronavirus symptoms and expected to get the resulst back from her test on Monday morning.

However, according to the claims made, the staff member says she was still told she had to come into work on the Sunday. Just four hours into her Monday shift, she received the telephone call confirming her daughter's Covid19-positive results

The lady in question was sent home immediately. However, a colleague at the bingo club has heavily criticised the response from the bingo hall’s management. They said the strict measures put in place by the Government were not adhered to, putting customers and staff at risk.

“Mecca Bingo is only caring about the money coming in”

The colleague who wishes to remain anonymous, told the local paper:

“She should not have been told to come into work because she had been in the kitchen, the offices, the reception, taking food orders, and speaking to lots of different people.

“Her daughter had every symptom, she had lost her sense of smell and taste, she couldn’t breathe and she was coughing so she shouldn’t have even been allowed in the building.

“She has potentially contaminated a lot of areas and I feel we all should have been sent home because we could now be infected, we were all using the same toilets for example, and the toilets are not clean.

“Mecca Bingo is only caring about the money coming in, it is not caring about our health and is putting us and our customers at risk.”

A Mecca Bingo spokesperson has confirmed an investigation into the incident is in progress saying: “We are aware of an alleged incident at Mecca Bingo Dundee Playhouse.

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our colleagues and customers and an internal investigation is under way.

“We are confident that we have the highest standards of mitigations and measures in place in all of our clubs across the country.

“Our clubs are regularly assessed internally by our health and safety team, as well as by visits from environmental health officers and local licence officers, who have advised us that we have good Covid-secure systems and procedures in place.

“We also have a central escalation process in place to handle any confirmed or suspected Covid cases, in line with government guidelines.”




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