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The Mecca Bingo on Ormrod Street, Bolton has been slammed by local officials after the bingo hall advertised opening its bar for players, flouting the coronavirus measures put in place.

The popular bingo hall advertised the opening of the bar for Saturday 12th September. However, all hospitality venues face strict coronavirus rules forcing them to use the takeaway option only. The measures state that food or drinks that cannot be consumed in the bingo hall.

Bolton a Coronavirus Hotspot

Cllr Hilary Fairclough, the executive cabinet member for environment regulatory services, said:

“As soon as we found out that Mecca Bingo was advertising the opening of its bar, against the local restrictions, we took action.

“The premises were visited by a member of our licensing team and the manager was told they were acting against the local restrictions. A council officer also contacted the company’s head office and confirmed they are no longer selling food or drink.

“Our officers have been out with the police again on Saturday 12 September and will be out again tonight visiting businesses to make sure they comply.”

“The rules are quite clear in Bolton that bars, pubs and restaurants must close and only provide a takeaway service if they are able to do so. While bingo halls can remain open this does not apply to the bar and food areas and I’m disappointed that the company decided to open their facility.

“The majority of businesses have taken their responsibilities seriously and are following the regulations. Unfortunately, there are some who are choosing to break the clear rules.

“Be warned, we will continue to do spot checks. Bolton residents can play an important role in keeping us all safe. If you believe a business is not following the proper regulations, report it to us and we will close down those who are putting lives at risk.”

Bolton recently became a coronavirus hotspot with national newspapers pointing towards a super-spreader who returned after six weeks in Ibiza and failed to quarantine upon his return, even throwing a house party whilst under quarantine.



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