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Leigh Park Crown Bingo has claimed its first National Bingo Game Jackpot £50,000 winner in over two years.

The 44-years old woman who wishes to remain anonymous was enjoying her regular Friday night bingo with her dad and sister at Crown Bingo Leigh Park earlier this month.

National Bingo Jackpot Winner in a ‘State of Shock'

Initially, the lucky dabber could not believe her numbers had been called and that she had won the jackpot. Thinking she had won just the house jackpot when the announcement of winning the National Bingo Jackpot of £50,000 was made, the Leigh Park Crown Bingo hall erupted into cheers.

Gary Bell, general manager for Crown Bingo, said: ‘It’s fair to say our lucky winner was in quite a state of shock: who wouldn’t be on finding out your Friday night bingo had just changed your life in an amazing way.

‘The big win also shocked the team working on the night as the caller, realising that they might have a very big win, called the assistant manager to the stage to make doubly sure that the win was valid.

‘Confirming that it was, the announcement was made and everyone in the club started clapping and cheering.

‘It’s great to have a big win in the club, as it gives everyone a lift, and really nice to see it go to a regular customer.

‘It has been such a shock for the winner that I genuinely believe they don’t yet have a clue what they might do with their winnings, but I am sure that they will enjoy spending it when the time comes.’

Alastair Stewart, head of commercial operations at the National Bingo game, said: ‘We are thrilled for our lucky National Bingo game £50,000 Jackpot winner at Crown Bingo Havant – what a great way to start your weekend with a Friday night jackpot.

‘I am sure when the reality settles in they will enjoy some treats and spending their winnings.’

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