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Although it might not be the first game that comes to mind when you think about the most popular casino games, in recent years, bingo has seen somewhat of a resurgence in popularity. Traditionally associated with old aged pensioners and retro-looking bingo halls, online bingo is quietly becoming one of the most played online casino games out there. But why is this retro game becoming so popular as of late?

Although historically it has been most popularly played in bingo halls found primarily around the United Kingdom and North America, bingo is increasingly finding a presence online amongst a younger generation of players. A survey conducted in 2014 found that 3% of the UK population listed bingo as a weekly activity — a staggering number given the decline of bingo halls around the UK. This also suggests that bingo is growing in popularity amongst males. Having a presence online has also allowed bingo to spread to regions where it would not have been traditionally played, such as Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal. Apart from the obvious appeal of the game itself, why is the bingo game format proving to be such a hit amongst a younger audience these days?

Bingo is perfectly suited to the online environment because it allows a large number of variations of the game to be offered to customers at once. If bingo is played in a bingo hall, this limits the types of game that can be feasibly played, as the chosen game type will always need to suit the largest number of players possible. In the online environment, however, this is not the case, and online platforms can offer an almost limitless number of variations for a fraction of the cost. This is great for consumers as it means you can have access to a variation that perfectly suits your niche tastes.

Online bingo is also proving to be a hit due to its parallels with social gaming technology. One of the reasons that real-life bingo was such a hit was due to the sense of community experienced while playing. The bingo hall was not just a place to play a game, it was also where you could meet up with your friends and have a bit of fun in the meantime Even more so today with the likes of Bongo’s Bingo, Bingo Loco et al infusing bingo with rave music and comedy. This is similarly true of bingo in the online space, and game developers have been able to combine social networks, social gaming, and bingo to create a fun environment where you can catch up with your friends. Live chat rooms can be combined with leaderboards and group competitions to create a truly unique online gaming environment that retains all the retro appeal of bingo. When you combine these features with large prize pots, which online gaming websites are more able to do, it is clear why bingo is having such a strong resurgence as of late!




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