Carlton Bingo Dunfermline Bags Second Jackpot Winner in Two Months

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The Carlton Bingo hall in Fife Leisure Park, Dunfermline can boast its second national bingo game jackpot winner in just two months.

They say lightning doesn't strike in the same spot twice, but big bingo wins do!

A 68-year-old lucky lady from Lochore, Fife, who wishes to remain anonymous, was playing at her regular bingo club on Sunday 19th September when her bingo session took a turn she will never forget.

The delighted dabber has been playing bingo for over forty years and does a 20-mile round trip to play bingo at her favourite club, the Carlton Bingo Dunfermline. However, on the day in question, she had decided not to go. A last-minute phone call from a friend saw her change her mind and they went to the popular bingo club together.

When the mystery lady found herself calling ‘house’, she thought she was claiming the club prize of £260.00. The winner was speechless when she found out soon after that she had in fact also won the top £50,000 Jackpot Prize.

“Dream Come True”

The Dunfermline resident said of her win:

“I couldn’t believe it, still can’t believe it! I thought I only won the £260 house prize until the cheer went up and Tony the caller said I had won £50,000. I can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true!

“I love bingo and it’s always a great night out: the club is lovely and everyone is friendly and looks after you. It’s always exciting when you think you are about to win and thrilling when you do.”

Prior to the life-changing win, the bingo fan’s biggest win had been £3,000. The jubilant winner said she will be sharing some of the £50,000 National Bingo Game Jackpot with her ‘bingo buddy’.

Craig Oliver, General Manager at Carlton Bingo Dunfermline said:

“The lucky winner joins the ever-increasing list of big winners at Carlton Dunfermline. This is our second huge win in just a couple of months and it’s always great to see regulars winning this life-changing prize.

“I’m really delighted for our winner, as was everyone else in the club given the huge cheer that went up on the night. The atmosphere was electric. We play the National Bingo Game twice a day, every day: it’s an amazing game and one which can be truly life-changing.”

Alastair Stewart, Head of Commercial Operations at the National Bingo Game added:

“We are thrilled for our lucky National Bingo Game £50,000 Jackpot winner at Carlton Bingo Dunfermline and hope that she enjoys spending her winnings. We have had 6 big winners in Scotland alone this year since clubs were allowed to reopen, and two of those have been the same club!”

It is the second National Bingo Game £50,000 Jackpot win at the Carlton Bingo Dunfermline venue and the third jackpot win for the Carlton bingo chain since bingo clubs reopened on May 17th.


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