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What do you get when you cross Chicken and Bingo? Chicken Poop Bingo that's what. Move over Bongo's Bingo, Bingo Loco and all other bingo night variations. In what appears to be a first, the Tucson Village Farm and the Tucson Hop Shop in Tucson, Arizona in the US are holding their first ever ‘Chicken Poop Bingo event' this Sunday, May 12th.

The unusual event planned for three hours will raise funds for kids summer camp scholarships. Two hens from the farm will be placed upon a custom game board with 50 numbers on it and left to do their business, (chickens poop on average every 20 minutes). Visitors receive raffle tickets for a suggested donation of $3. If the hen's poop on numbers matching the raffle tickets, the ticket holders win a prize. The prizes are donated by the Tucson Hop Shop, who will also donate a percentage of sales from the day to summer camp scholarships cause.

“A Great Cause and Some Good Laughs”

Elizabeth Sparks, a 4-H extension agent at Tucson Village Farm said:

“We've consulted with the girls (the chickens) and they're super into it.

They're fine to participate. We're gonna give them some special treats.

It's just a fun time to get people together for a great cause and some good laughs.”

The event, expected to last 5 hours, from 3pm to 8pm. For further info on the event, or to get in touch about making a donation, visit the Chicken Poop Bingo Facebook Page.

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