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Just as Buzz Bingo announced the closure of nine bingo clubs, the UK's largest retail bingo operator has confirmed the permanent closure of another one of its clubs. This time it's the Buzz Bingo Bradford City venue.

One of two Buzz Bingo's in the West Yorkshire city, the venue has been closed “for a while” as major infrastructure changes and repair work is being undertaken in the area. Started last October and expected to last 18 months, the significant building work soon spiralled in costs.

The bingo hall which could hold over 1000 patrons sits between two “deteriorating” carriageways. Whilst both the cost and extent of the repair work escalated very quickly, Buzz Bingo has now issued a statement deeming the building “not safe for use” and to remain closed.

A Buzz Bingo spokesperson said:


“Buzz Bingo Bradford City has been closed for a while due to significant building safety issues.

“On discussion with the landlord, the building was deemed not safe for use.

“We, therefore, do not anticipate the club reopening.”

Expected Closure

Although not a surprise, it is still sad to see another once-popular bingo hall close. Bradford dabbers do still have the Buzz Bingo Bradford Tong Street venue to get their bingo fix.

However, with the existing climate of closures coupled with the very extensive and very expensive building work literally on the club's doorstep, sad as it is, this closure confirmation was always on the cards.



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