Brighton Dabber Wins Jackpot on First Bingo Visit in Seven Years

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A 26-year-old man from Brighton scooped a massive £50,000 after winning the National Bingo Game Jackpot at Buzz Bingo Brighton.

The teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, had not played at his local bingo club for seven years. However, a spontaneous trip to the Buzz Bingo in Brighton last month proved to be a life-changing decision after calling ‘House' on his very first visit back after a seven-year hiatus.

The jubilant winner now plans to use the winnings as a deposit and buy a new house.

Stevie Shaves, the Chief Operating Officer at Buzz Bingo, the UK's largest retail bingo operator, said of the win:

“The atmosphere in the club when there’s a win is always incredible, and we’re delighted to see one of our lucky members win £50,000 on the National Game at Buzz Bingo Brighton.”

“Overall Buzz Bingo players win more than £2 million per week in bingo prize money and we love to celebrate every one of them with our amazing community.”

Buzz Leads on 2023 National Bingo Game Jackpot Wins

With a National Bingo Game Jackpot win at Buzz Bingo Medway on Saturday 25th March, Buzz Bingo venues have now claimed five jackpot wins so far in 2023, which equates to around a third of all National Game Jackpot wins this year.

Mecca Bingo, the UK's second-largest retail bingo operator can lay claim to three jackpot wins, all coming this month (March).

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