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It's been a busy six months for Jonny Bongo and Bongo's Bingo. Rarely out of the bingo news, the bitter ownership battle between Jonny, his partner Joshua Burke and Camp and Furnace has become the stuff of legend in Liverpool.

After Camp and Furnace were forced to drop the word Bongo from its own events earlier this year, it seems there is a new twist in the Bongo's Bingo tale. Six months after Bongo's Bingo moved to a new location – Content in Cain's Brewery Village, and opened to the public, the council's planning committee is set to decide next week whether to grant planning permission for the use of the warehouse for events. This means that since August last year, when the dispute forced a change of venue, there has been no valid planning permission in place.

According to the LiverpoolEcho, Officers in the council's planning department have recommended planning permission, to use the warehouse for events, be granted for five years. Within the planning application was a submitted statement which said:

“The warehouse has been constructed and the use has commenced.

“The proposal is for the warehouse to operate as a multi-use space that offers music, concerts, a dance hall and bingo.

“The main event is Bongo’s Bingo, a twist on traditional bingo as it is provided alongside entertainment events which offer comedy, music, dancing and performances by featured guest artists.

“This is every Friday and Saturday night and on other special days such as bank holidays, occasionally.”

Positive Recommendation

Alexander Lagoyiannis from Content Liverpool Ltd said of the planning application:

“We are pleased that this application is going to committee on February 18 with a positive recommendation for approval after working constructively with Liverpool City Council.”

A decision is expected when the planning committee will meet on Tuesday next week.

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