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Whether it's a host's foul mouth tirade in Blackpool or a bitter dispute over ownership, Bongo's Bingo is rarely out of the UK Bingo News scene.

The wild and whacky fusion of comedy, rave and of course, bingo has delighted attendees all over the world since its inception in 2015. Having sold out in Ibiza and Australia, Bongo's Bingo became embroiled in a furious row with the Baltic Triangle venue Camp and Furnace in Liverpool over ownership of the Bongo's Bingo events.

After the bitter spat saw Camp and Furnace advertise their own Bingo's Bingo events without the popular host, Jonny Bongo (real name Jonny Lacey) announced new shows at Content on Stanhope Street. Content, once described as a “giant shipping container village,” was created by Bongo's Bingo co-founder Joshua Burke. It is also home to the recently opened bar called Bongo's Bungalow.

Jonny Bongo announced the new venue in the Cains Brewery District at the end of May, saying:

“We have just announced our new venue.

“Content in the Baltic Triangle, it's going to be sick.

“We are leaving Camp and Furnace at the end of July and any shows that they are putting on there under our name isn't us so just watch out.”

Ticket Cancellations After Customer Safety Concerns

Despite the excitement building up since May's announcement, Bongo's Bingo this week sent an email to Bongos's Bingo customers confirming selected tickets for upcoming events at Content have been cancelled.

Customers, some who booked in May, were left furious after organisers cancelled the event on safety concerns. The email sent cancelling the event read:

“Our customers' safety and enjoyment is paramount to us, therefore, we have been forced to make the difficult decision of reducing the capacity of any future events”.

A spokesperson for Bongo's Bingo said:

“The original audience capacity for Content was agreed with all relevant authorities during the venue’s development and the opening shows over the weekend.

“However, we have chosen to now reduce the capacity to make future events more comfortable for our customers as we want it to be the best experience for them.

“Bongo’s Bingo is a lively event, and now we understand better how the Content space works after the launch, we are making adaptations to ensure the space works perfectly for all future shows.”


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