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One half of the Bongo's Bingo Liverpool management team, Josh Burke, has used this lockdown period constructively with the launch of a free app which he hopes will revolutionise the Uk hospitality industry when it finally re-emerges from the corona lockdown.

Along with co-founders Carl Whiteside and Lewis Allbones, Josh Burke, the co-founder and CEO of Bongo's Bingo, are set to launch free food delivery app Glug in July.

The app which apparently has been three years in the making, connect users with venues to enable users to order food and drink in advance.

Glug July 1st Launch

Josh explained the app:

“We have raised £250,000 of investment already.”

“We are launching Glug to support the hospitality industry as bars, restaurants and pubs across the UK reopen. We work with many of them through Bongo’s Bingo and the wider hospitality circles we are all part of. And with David on board, we have got his many years of vital experience in this area too. Glug is something we all passionately believe in. We have seen what kind of works and what doesn’t, and believe Glug will be the definitive way forward. It will help businesses and their customers by linking them together, with the free app’s users able to engage in a whole host of innovative functions.”

As an example, each year we waste on average 7 days waiting to be served – that’s a real frustration point for me personally and professionally! Glug will make waiting around a thing of the past and improve many other parts of this relationship. With reduced capacity due to social distancing, venues will want to maximise their revenue and how they engage with customers.”

It’s been difficult having to pause our physical Bongo’s Bingo shows,” Josh continues, “but we have remained creative with our live streams and there’s more exciting news to come there soon. Glug is launching during a very difficult time for the UK – and the world, too – and especially the hospitality industry, but we believe it will connect people back with the places they loved going to before all of this terrible stuff happened. We are in talks with lots of businesses who are signing up to be a part of Glug.”

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