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At BingoDaily, we love a bit of good bingo news. Other than a big win, nothing gets us more excited than the prospect of a new bingo hall opening.

A former Ladbroke's betting shop in Deane Road, Bolton could become a 24-hour adult gaming, amusement, and bingo centre.

Praesepe, a UK bingo, arcade gaming and gambling company which owns the well-known high street gambling arcade chain Cashino has applied for a licence from the local council.

The planning application reveals that the proposed venue would be open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new gaming centre will offer a limited food and beverage menu, promising to offer complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks, and snacks, including re-heated nibbles as well as other dry snacky type foods. The planning statement said:

“The use will contribute to a wider diversification of uses in the [Deane Road local shopping centre], while helping to improve the evening and night-time economy. The proposed change of use is considered to be a proactive response to the changing retail and town centre environment, which is reflected in national policy and guidance documents.”

With no residential properties close enough to be impacted by the 24-hour operations, there are likely to be few objections to the revamping of the ex-bookmakers premises which closed abruptly and without warning at the end of last year.

Planning officers from Bolton council are expected to decide the outcome of the planning application by the end of next month (February).

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