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Like eating brunch? Like partying? LOVE Bingo? Well, if you are in London this weekend, then Bingo Loco at Bar Salsa! on Saturday 3 August is the place for you.

The legendary wild and wacky Bingo Loco are bringing their wildest and wackiest party bingo rave plus brunch infusion to Bar Salsa Temple in what promises to be an experience not to be missed.

For those not in the know, Bingo Loco is the ultimate crossover between Bingo and a party night. Attendees to a Bingo Loco event can enjoy a feast of entertainment including dance-offs, speed Macarena, rave music, conga lines and lip-sync battles. On top of all the action, an eclectic mix of prizes can be won including Las Vegas holidays, 90's Game Boys and cold, hard cash!

If late nights are not necessarily for you, then there are brunch slots which are available from 1 pm and 2 pm. Attendees are treated to a brunch consisting of fajitas and drinks before warming up with some dancing.

William Meara, co-founder of Bingo Loco and Bingo Loco’s Minister for Mischief said:

“We’ve taken a conventional game that was approaching extinction and used it as a focal point to get an extremely adrenaline-fueled party off the ground. What happened was an unprecedented demand for something completely new. Every event to date has sold out in advance for two years straight.”

The first bingo game will commence at 3:30 pm.

Date: Saturday 3rd August

Address: Bar Salsa! Temple, London, WC2R 2PH.

Tickets are available, starting from £12.

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