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It's Saturday night, and in lockdown times, that can only mean one thing. Bingo!.

Now, with bingo halls closed until at least the 4th of July in England, we have to get our bingo fix online. Tonight, we spent a memorable few hours in amongst the mayhem that is Musical Bingo Cribs.

After arriving a little late to the online bingo party created by the team at Musical Bingo, we soon found ourselves at home and at ease amongst a diverse and energetic zoom gallery crowd.

Musical Bingo Cribs

Musical Bingo Cribs

The party appeared in full swing with everyone from 6 – 80 dancing enthusiastically in their living rooms to anything from blondie to Chicane and everything in between.

Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, busting moves and boogying away. The way the zoom screen alternated to between people who as soon as the camera switched to them leapt from their sofas into a dance had a top of the pops feel when people suddenly upped their dance moves the second they knew the camera was on them. But, it worked.

People of all ages danced and Nathan the host kept the flow and banter going admirably throughout the evening. We even got a bit of impromptu karaoke from Nathan during a slight and momentary technical hitch. Something Cliff Richard ala Wimbledon would've been proud of.

And so the evening flew fast in a haze of music and for some, drinking. As the night wore on, so's people's spirits (literally) were raised. We got treated to some unplanned belly dancing, something which is never not appreciated. Thank you Rob for that.

Rob Belly Dancing Musical Bingo Cribs

Rob Belly Dancing Musical Bingo Cribs

Friendly But Fierce Competition

When it came to the prizes, the competition was just as fierce as in the bingo clubs up and down the country. A tie-break scavenger hunt turned out to be a competitive affair, with a bit of diva-like behaviour from one group of very fun ladies took a little umbrage to the judges' decision and left the party rather abruptly after narrowing losing out on a Union flagged doormat prize.

More wine / Vodka and oranges flowed and the music kept even the oldies wiggling away. By the end of the evening, a Ziggy print of Her Majesty went out to Marcus and Jonno winners, but everyone left with a good time.

Musical Bingo Cribs

Musical Bingo Cribs

The BingoDaily team really enjoyed our Musical Bingo Cribs experience. A perfect antidote to the lockdown blues. Thank you Jonny Unknown and the Musical Bingo Cribs team.

Musical Bingo Cribs

Musical Bingo Cribs

Upcoming dates:

The next theme is HomeFest – a kind of Glastonbury experience but with more UK bingo and less mud.

Thursday 18th June
Saturday 20th June
Saturday 27th June
More dates TBC

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