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Saturday, the 11th of February, will be a date to remember for one Opera Bingo Barrow dabber after winning a whopping £50,000 playing the National Bingo Game.

Whilst its sister club, the Opera Bingo Carlisle enjoyed a National Bingo Game Jackpot winner in April last year, it was the first big National Game jackpot win celebrated at the Opera Bingo Barrow since it opened in 2019.

The lucky winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, could not believe their luck when they called ‘House' in exactly 16 numbers. According to reports from those at the club at the time, fellow bingo players burst into loud cheers and applause upon the happy announcement.

As well as taking home the house prize, the jubilant winner pocketed the life-changing sum of £50,000.

Paul Holland, the manager of the popular bingo venue in Cumbria, said of the big win:

“It's been an amazing couple of weeks for players in our club with some big in-club jackpot winners plus two winners on the National Live, so this just tops things off nicely.”

Independent Retail Bingo Venues Claiming the Wins

The National Bingo Game is a much-loved part of the UK bingo scene. Played in bingo halls up and down the country every afternoon and evening, it gives dabbers the opportunity to win £50,000 and a series of other smaller prizes.

On the same day that the jackpot win was celebrated at Opera Bingo Barrow, another independent retail bingo operator was also celebrating a National Bingo Game Jackpot win. The Carlton Bingo Cardiff (Canton) hosted a Jackpot winner on Saturday, with one lucky attendee scooping the £50,000 (more details on that when they emerge).

Interestingly, five of the seven National Bingo Game Jackpot winners in 2023 so far have been claimed at independent bingo clubs. Mecca Bingo, reeling from sliding profits, is yet to host a National Bingo Game Jackpot win this year having hosted the final winner of 2022 on New Year's Eve at the Mecca Bingo Chandlers Wharf venue.

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